Post Infusions


A huge thank you to all of you who supported me yesterday during my infusion with your wonderful thoughts and energy and prayers. I am exhausted and have slept a lot today, but my body has begun its healing process.

Much love to you all,
❤ Hannah

PS: I did ask my nurses for “4 camels to go” as part of the medication order. They told me they were all out of camels at the moment. They were sorry, but they didn’t know when they would be getting a new supply.  In the meantime, they could offer me some juice. Seriously, they did. I told you they had a sense of humor. But judging by the look of this cranky guy, maybe I’m just as happy the camels were out of stock.  :0)


We zebras need more than a little humor and whimsy in our lives.  Most of the time that involves just taking greater notice of ordinary things.  But sometimes things pop into our lives totally unexpectedly and can fill us with whimsical delight.  Early last week I found these at Target and decided to splurge.  I didn’t need new bathroom towels, but at $12.99 I couldn’t resist.  I bought three.  And every time I walk into the bathroom I chuckle.