The Perspective of Compassion

I’ve talked before about how Street Photography of people provides an opportunity to notice intimate and sometimes vulnerable moments. For me it is about recording life, which includes both beauty and pain. That means that Street Photography is not always easy to look at. But what I hope is that it elicits both a sense of compassion and a recognition of our common humanity.


This is part of my series The Perspective From the Street.

Posted for BeckyB’s July Squares – the Art of Perspective.

The Perspective From the Street

I have been interested in Street Photography for about 6 months, and recently was able to take a webinar class to help me understand some of the unique challenges of this photographic art form. I am planning to concentrate on capturing life on the street over the course of this month, although that will not necessarily be my only focus.

It seems a subject particularly suited to BeckyB’s July Squares Challenge of The Art of Perspective (though not all my photographs will be square), since candid photographs of people as they go about their daily lives have the unique potential of revealing how they are experiencing ┬áthe world. That gives us an opportunity to see the world from their perspective. Indeed, the challenge of Street Photography for me is to capture an unguarded moment in time, thus conveying an intimacy that speaks to the humanity that we all share.

And so, to begin…..

What family dynamics do you see at play?


July Squares – The Art of Perspective