We are fortunate here in Oakland to have several very talented Mural Artists. I drove by this mural yesterday, made a U-turn, parked, and took several shots.

At first glance from the car, this appears to be straight out of my childhood nightmares. So much so that I wondered if the artist, whom I have never met, had a window into the horrors of my brain. This mural is HUGE, painted, as you can see, onΒ 2 sides of the building, and probably 15 feet tall.

From the car, this portion was all that I saw. It is terrifying.

Version 2

Up close, I saw the full mural.


This mural completely overwhelms you. But once I had gotten up close, I noticed this small courageous figure and the forrest of stark trees, which hadn’t been noticeable from the car.


A closeup.


This young boy, standing up to the wild, fantastical beast, is showing so much bravery, that you think that he just might prevail. He must be terrified inside, but he continues to stand, recorded in paint on a wall. It ends up being a powerful symbol not only of courage, but of resistance. I suspect the world is in desperate need such symbols, haunting though they may be.

And the title?

All photographic images: Hannah Keene 2019.

Posted for Terri’s Sunday Stills Photo Challenge: Something Scary.

Halloween Decorations

These shots were taken in my veterinarian’s office. Or rather, my dog’s veterinarian’s office. So you will see some signs and pet products in the photos. I thought the decorations, while not completely scary, still would qualify. πŸŽƒ


All images: Hannah Keene 2019

Posted for Terri’s Sunday Stills Photo Challenge: Something Scary.

Spooky Root Skull

I had taken this shot from both the horizontal and vertical position. The horizontal shot looks like lovely fall leaves laying on some exposed tree roots. Although it might appear just a little creepy given the dark and twisted nature of the roots.


I took the vertical shot just to get a different perspective, and was pleased with the result, but didn’t see anything unusual about it until I looked at it on the computer. That gave me a completely different perspective.

This is an isolated shot of the upper part of the root.

Version 2

Nothing special, right? Just damp and dark bulges of an old tree.

But here is the full vertical shot.

Images: Hannah Keene 2019

Do you see the nose and the huge eyes in that same section of root? To me it looks like a skull. With perhaps some leaves caught in a fossilized beard.

Do you notice the skull face more prominently in the second shot or the third?

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Posted for Terri’s Sunday Stills: Something Scary.