I’m a Cormorant Drying My Wings

Hannah Keene 2019

The outer portion of a cormorant’s feathers is not waterproof and in fact retains water. They have to spread and flap their wings in order to dry them after swimming under water looking for food. Who knew? I thought every water bird had water proof wings!

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Preening Brown Pelicans On A Dock

Hannah Keene 2019

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What’s the Collective Noun for Pelicans?

A single pelican is called…….


a pelican, of course.

A group of pelicans is called…….



Notice the cormorant to the right in the last photo. I think he’s hilarious. I guess he figures that if the pelicans find fish, he will too.

Version 2
All Images: Hannah Keene 2019.

*A pod is the most commonly referenced collective noun. Do you know of any others? Respond in the comment section for bonus Saturday points!

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A Boy and His (Shared) Dog

I am finding myself somewhat nostalgic and sad lately. The daylight is beginning to fade sooner and sooner, and while fall is usually my favorite season, September 2 marked the first year anniversary of my husband’s death. So I have been looking through family pictures of late, and went searching for these, as they are among my favorites of the past year – the first year without my husband of 44 years. While the post itself is far longer than six words, the title is exactly six, so I hope I can still use the Six Word Saturday hashtag.

I have written before about the fact that my good friends, Martha and Arthur, and I share our two dogs. Theirs is Teddy the Labradoodle and mine is Zoë the Miniature Schnauzer. When my husband and I returned to Northern California three and a half years ago and moved into our retirement community (St. Paul’s Towers), the grandkids were just 1 and 3½. Teddy was bigger than the 1 year old, obviously, but he was also awfully big for the 3½ year old. About a year ago, when they were 3 and almost 6, the two of them decided that it was time for them to start walking the dogs instead of just accompanying me when I walked them. So they became the walkers, and I became the accompanying and supervising person. The 3 year old was still rather scared of Teddy, but was comfortable walking Zoë. The almost 6 year was adamant that he wanted to walk Teddy by himself, without me holding on to the leash. Here is the result: he walking confidently on ahead with Teddy last February, when he was fully 6+ a few months. My granddaughter, Zoë, and I are lagging behind, in a perfect position to capture a photo.

Walking the Dog at Twilight


Images: Hannah Keene 2019

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