A Photo a Week: Shades of Pink

I know that I’ve posted more than one photo for this challenge, but pink is such an easy color to find in the spring. This close up of a section of a reproduction of Henri Matisse’s Goldfish hangs in the hallway on the floor below mine in our apartment building. I’ve always loved the fish.


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A Photo a Week Challenge: Shades of Pink

I had moved all the plants on the balcony and swept the fallen geranium petals into a pile. I went to fetch the broom and dust pan and found myself reluctant to sweep up the pile and throw it away. I stood for a minute and marveled at the fact that even the discarded petals, dead leaves, and dirt were a beautiful collage of pinks. So I took a photo just so I could look at it later. I’ve been looking for a way to share it and Nancy’s challenge Shades of Pink provides me with the perfect opportunity.

Hannah Keene 2019