Tuesday Twigs


Hannah Keene 2019

It was quite challenging to separate the twigs from the bright green leaves of the background since the twigs were one on top of each other. I couldn’t get my full camera in-between the layers of branches and so was restricted to my phone and then extensive cropping. So the resulting photos are not ideal. But I hope that they still convey something of the etherial delicateness of the branches, remaining berries, stems, and of course, the cobwebs.

K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Just an Illusion Part 2

The big reveal of the Big Orange Bird. If you haven’t read yesterday’s post with the Big Orange Bird, you should do that first. The birds are in the shop window that was closest to me when I took the photo, although the back one in flight did not show in the original post. The green trunk and other display items are in the farther window. The rest of the things you saw in yesterday’s post were reflections. Or perhaps Just an Illusion.

Click on each photo to see an enlarged version.

All Images: Hannah Keene 2019