Bird of the Day (BOTD) November 5, 2019 – Pelican


American White Pelican                                                                                 Images: Hannah Keene 2019

When you first look at a pelican, no matter how many you have seen, the first thing that you notice is their weird, uncanny beak. But equally impressive are their huge, powerful wings. (See the second photo above.)  An adult American White Pelican weighs 14 lbs, but has a wing span of 9 Feet. They are one of the largest North American birds.

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Sunshine’s Macro Monday

Here in the Bay Area of Northern California, June and July tend to be our foggiest months. The fog finally lifts in early August, and September and October are often our hottest months. There’s obviously variation in this, but it works as a general rule. But during this past August, the fog and gloom seemed like it would never lift. Finally, by mid August it was “Spring.” Thus I was able to capture this new bud of a Princess Flower on August 17th.

Princess Flower Bud                                                                                                        Hannah Keene 2019

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Spooky Root Skull

I had taken this shot from both the horizontal and vertical position. The horizontal shot looks like lovely fall leaves laying on some exposed tree roots. Although it might appear just a little creepy given the dark and twisted nature of the roots.


I took the vertical shot just to get a different perspective, and was pleased with the result, but didn’t see anything unusual about it until I looked at it on the computer. That gave me a completely different perspective.

This is an isolated shot of the upper part of the root.

Version 2

Nothing special, right? Just damp and dark bulges of an old tree.

But here is the full vertical shot.

Images: Hannah Keene 2019

Do you see the nose and the huge eyes in that same section of root? To me it looks like a skull. With perhaps some leaves caught in a fossilized beard.

Do you notice the skull face more prominently in the second shot or the third?

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