Cosmic Photo Challenge: Color Me Cosmic 3

This was a flower that I wanted to convert to a photo portraying flames.  I especially wanted to convey the sense of movement with the flames – both a sense of crackling/flickering, and a sense of outward movement, so that the viewer would have the impression that the flames were constantly renewed from the center, as in a fireplace or a campfire. Please weigh in on how you experience the shot, especially if you experience it differently! All interpretations welcomed!!

Flames                                                                                                                               Hannah Keene 2019

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More Fireworks

Completely natural ones this time without the necessity of playing around with color, light, or even cropping.

Pincushion-protea                               Image: Hannah Keene 2019

I had never seen these flowers until we moved back to Northern California. They seem not to grow in the southern part of the sate. The first time I saw them, my reaction was, “What is the world are those???????” Over the next few months I saw them many times in arrangements, and quite a variety of pincushion flowers blooming quite hardily around Oakland. Also, to my surprise, when I came close to them I realized they aren’t sharp or prickly at all. In fact they are rather soft. But they do make quite a display.

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