Macro Monday

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All Images: Hannah Keene 2019

Yellow dandelion flowers turn into these beautiful dandelion “puffs,” which are their seed stage. As children we used to pick these, make a wish, and then blow. Like birthday candles, we thought that if we could blow all the seeds off the puff in one blow, we would get our wish.

A Surprise Capture

Bluecrown Passionflower                                     Hannah Keene2019

Look closely at about 7 o’clock on the flower and you will see a visitor who showed up half way through the clicks of my phone camera.

Version 2

I was especially glad to see him given that I had just read that this past winter’s honeybee  deaths were the highest in the 13 years of research into bee mortality. A parasitic mite seems to be infesting commercial bee colonies in the United States. The problem isn’t just losing the bees themselves. It’s that the agricultural industry relies on commercially raised honeybees to pollinate $15 billion of the U.S. food crops.* I don’t know if this little guy came from a commercial hive, or a local small one. But I was really happy that he showed up!

*This information was taken from an article in The Washington Post.