A Momentarily Raised Foot

It is the details of a person that make a photograph feel intimate. I had taken four shots of this woman as she was moving toward her car. All showed her individual choices at the market – the carton of wine, the three baguettes, the tulips – which told me that she was probably throwing a party of some sort. But ultimately it was the photo that showed her left foot momentarily lifted out of her (probably sweaty) shoe as she paused to look at her phone that connected me to her as a person. How many times have any one of us done that very thing on a hot day?

Woman With Raised Foot

This is part of my The Perspective From the Street series.

Posted for BeckyB’s July Squares – The Art of Perspective.

The Perspective of Compassion

I’ve talked before about how Street Photography of people provides an opportunity to notice intimate and sometimes vulnerable moments. For me it is about recording life, which includes both beauty and pain. That means that Street Photography is not always easy to look at. But what I hope is that it elicits both a sense of compassion and a recognition of our common humanity.


This is part of my series The Perspective From the Street.

Posted for BeckyB’s July Squares – the Art of Perspective.


The interior of the construction of an 18 story condo building.

Floors 5-9

What could be in the interior of this fairy hole?


This was taken from the inside of the infusion unit where I receive my gamma globulin treatments every there weeks. I noticed that some steam was coming out of the pipe on the roof across the street.

The infusion unit’s view

I found the sunlight hitting the raw 2x4s inside the black iron gate to be stunning.

Sunlight hitting 2x4s inside gate

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