Forgotten Agapanthus

This post is for Snow’s Friendly Friday Challenge: Ignored over at The Snow Melts Somewhere. We all look raptly at new spring flowers, but often ignore flowers that are past their prime. Worse, we usually think of dying flowers as ugly, and proceed to sweep them up and toss them. I think flowers in all their stages are lovely, and in fact, sometimes find that their final, decaying stage is more nuanced and interesting. So here is a non-ignored Agapanthus.

Hannah Keene 2019

Friendly Friday: Between the Lines

One last post before the new Friendly Friday challenge comes out tomorrow. I just kept finding lines everywhere this past week and so I kept taking photos. I’ve done something a little different with this one. In editing I discovered that some of the photos looked better in monochrome, or with just a wash of color, so I have arranged the photos from simple monochrome in the beginning to full color at the end.


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Shopping Carts

I was struck not only by the way the shopping carts are lined up, but also by the way they are positioned between the lines of the wall, the railing, the stairs going up to the right and the bottom view of the stairs above. They are tucked quite compactly into their out of the way spot.

Shopping Carts              Image: Hannah Keene 2019

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