Friday Flowers

This is a Chandelier plant, but it is rather unique. Do you see the face?

Chandelier Plant                                                                                                              Hannah Keene 2019

No? Here are some hints:

There are the two orange eyes at the top with a curl of orange hair in the middle. The mostly-not-yet-bloomed, off white buds are the hair. Do you see the nose and the mouth?

Friday Foxtails

Foxtails          Image: Zebras Child 2019

I love the beautiful colors they turn in the spring. They look so lovely and beguiling. And they are, as long as you stroke them from the stem upward. But try to stroke downwards, and your hands and fingers will get barbed splinter-like spikes. If dogs tangle with foxtails, they usually end up at the vet’s in a great deal of pain. So admire them from afar, but don’t tangle with them.