Light in Photography

For the last week in May, Jude’s 2020 Photo Challenge: It’s All About the Light, challenges us to experiment with different lighting conditions. Since I was unable to follow her suggestions to the letter, I decided to photograph two different stalks of the same plant under different lighting conditions.

This one is in the shade with the bright noon day sun flittering through some trees from the side and behind.


The second one is with the sun shining directly on the flowers, with the shade behind it.


Also posted for Friday Flowers.

Friday Flowers

I think one of the things that we as photographers have, or any any artist that can work solo has, for that matter, is that while we are confined to our homes during the COVID 19 pandemic, we still have the ability to create and share something that is beautiful. So here is my Friday offering: flowers growing from a friend’s balcony. The photo was taken 3 ½  weeks ago, just as they were beginning to flourish.