Sunshine’s Macro Monday

©Hannah Keene 2019

I find this shot fascinating because you can actually see the individual cells of the leaf  in the part of the leaf that has turned brown. No microscope required. (Although you would need one to see the activity inside the cell, which is even more fascinating!)

Posted for Sunshine’s Macro Monday.

The First Breath of Winter

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we are at sea level, so we don’t get snow. But fall can sometimes be short lived and move directly into fallen leaves, fallen temperatures and lots of rain. And fog, of course, but then we can have fog in almost any season. I put this photo through a filter to emphasize how cold (for us) the weather was last week – uncharacteristically dipping into the high 30s F at night. I know, I know – that’s positively balmy for those of you in Canada or in the midwest or northeast states. But here, that requires us to pull out our down jackets when we are out.

©Hannah Keene 2019

Posted for K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Winter’s Breath.