Cosmic Photo Challenge: Color Me Cosmic 2

Pink Sunset                                                                                                                   Hannah Keene 2019

This was something of a strange sunset to begin with, before I took my figurative “paint brush” to it. It had the unusual dark swirly spot in the middle, which I don’t often see in our sunset sky. I decided to amp up the intensity of that center to the max, and then experimented with the color curves for a long time. If you look closely, you can see some streaks of pale yellow in the lighter pink area under the spot, and if you look very closely, you can see the black tip of a church steeple in the lower left corner where the fuchsia blends into cosmic orange. Add to that the cosmic orange in the top two corners and the bottom bowl-like curvature, and I was finally happy with the result.

Posted for K’lee and Dale’s Comic Photo Challenge: Color Me Cosmic.

Tuesday Surprises

I came in to Brother and Sisters Flower Shop early in the day a couple of weeks ago to find that they were still setting up. This is not unusual, as they change things on a daily basis, and most of their foot traffic starts around lunch time. I love going in early, saying ‘Hi,’ wandering around looking at what’s new, and basking in the serenity. I found the Straw flowers had been gathered and moved into this huge pot of glory. The ladder in the background, and other evidence of the huge amount of work the owner and assistant do every day to create a constantly evolving space, made the shop feel even more intimate, as if I was trusted to see the inner workings of the creation of an isle of sanity.

Hannah Keene 2019

Taken at Brother and Sisters Flower Shop, Oakland, California.