A Photo a Week Challenge: Timing is Everything………..

…….mine that is.


Hannah Keene 2019

I just couldn’t move my camera fast enough as the gull took off for a short hop.

I could, however, crop the photo down so that I could show his magnificent wings!

Version 2
Wings Of A Gull                                                                                                                Hannah Keene 2019

It makes me want to take flight.

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Unexpected

The grandkids, now 4 and 6½ had been over two days in a row because they were still recovering from being ill. I had come down with a mild version of whatever it was that they had, so basically we needed to just lie around and do quiet things. Pipe cleaners always seem to be a hit – the things they make just get more complicated as they get older. I can straighten them back out and use them again several times before we need to  open a new package. I had done that after they had left and put them back in the bag, but had not had the energy to return the bag to the project container on the closet shelf. I came out to the living room this morning and found that they were in the middle of a ray of sun that was streaming through a crack in the blinds. Me being me, I of course grabbed my camera, and here we are: an unexpected photo if ever there was one.

Hannah Keene 2019

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A Photo a Week: Shades of Pink

I know that I’ve posted more than one photo for this challenge, but pink is such an easy color to find in the spring. This close up of a section of a reproduction of Henri Matisse’s Goldfish hangs in the hallway on the floor below mine in our apartment building. I’ve always loved the fish.


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A Photo a Week Challenge: Shades of Pink

I had moved all the plants on the balcony and swept the fallen geranium petals into a pile. I went to fetch the broom and dust pan and found myself reluctant to sweep up the pile and throw it away. I stood for a minute and marveled at the fact that even the discarded petals, dead leaves, and dirt were a beautiful collage of pinks. So I took a photo just so I could look at it later. I’ve been looking for a way to share it and Nancy’s challenge Shades of Pink provides me with the perfect opportunity.

Hannah Keene 2019