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Black BMW With Reflections


Black BMW with reflections                                       Hannah Keene 2019

This post is for Jennifer’s, Tourmaline blog, Color Your World challenge. This week her color is Black.

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

This photo is from my archives. I saw this wonderful frog statue in our local grocery store, of all places. It was, of course, in the plant section, and it was so cute that I really wanted to take it home. However, I’ve never been one to put statues in the garden And truth to tell, there wasn’t much of a garden at our house. It was a beautiful 100+ year old craftsman, as I’ve mentioned before in posts back a few years. That meant, of course that it had trees that were 80-100 years old growing in the yard. Which also meant there were very deep roots, and it was impossible to plant anything but grass. And right under the trees there was just dirt, as sun hadn’t shone solidly through in a good many decades. Because of the huge, needed-to-be-kept-expensively-trimmed, but-nonetheless-wonderfully-shady trees, we couldn’t keep a proper garden. So there was really no point at all in purchasing this beguiling frog statue. But it looked as though she would be so satisfied to be sitting cheerily in someone’s garden.


Hannah Keene 2015

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Close up of Flowers


Hannah Keene 2019

Notice the small visiting bug on the left side of the right hand flower. I only had my phone, so I could’t get a macro shot, but you can see him if you look. 🙂

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Close Up of Flowers


Kniphofia uvaria, or Red hot poker                    Image: Hannah Keene 2019

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Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Shadows


Hannah Keene 2019


Hannah Keene 2019

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A Photo a Week: Shades of Pink

I know that I’ve posted more than one photo for this challenge, but pink is such an easy color to find in the spring. This close up of a section of a reproduction of Henri Matisse’s Goldfish hangs in the hallway on the floor below mine in our apartment building. I’ve always loved the fish.


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July Squares: Blue Mini Cooper


Hannah Keene 2019

My contribution to Becky’s July Squares: Blue


I have what I think of as a rather large vocabulary, but I have to admit that I only vaguely remember running into this word before, and I also have to admit that I had absolutely no idea what it meant. So thanks to Sgeoil, I have learned a new word. Pulchritudinous means “breathtaking beauty.”

As many of you know, I often find that I discover the most beauty in the every day. Not that I don’t catch my breath in absolute awe over the grand sites such as Yosemite, but I am constantly amazed at how beautiful I find something as prosaic as a fallen leaf.

So here is a photo of simple plants that grew opportunistically in a cut down tree stump. I find the contrast and intensity in the colors and textures to be pulchritudinous. I took the photo with my phone, and I have done no editing on the photo. This is as pulchritudinous as it was in real life.


Hannah Keene 2019

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Shades of Pink

I had moved all the plants on the balcony and swept the fallen geranium petals into a pile. I went to fetch the broom and dust pan and found myself reluctant to sweep up the pile and throw it away. I stood for a minute and marveled at the fact that even the discarded petals, dead leaves, and dirt were a beautiful collage of pinks. So I took a photo just so I could look at it later. I’ve been looking for a way to share it and Nancy’s challenge Shades of Pink provides me with the perfect opportunity.


Hannah Keene 2019


Macro Monday

Click (or tap) on each image to enlarge.

All Images: Hannah Keene 2019

Yellow dandelion flowers turn into these beautiful dandelion “puffs,” which are their seed stage. As children we used to pick these, make a wish, and then blow. Like birthday candles, we thought that if we could blow all the seeds off the puff in one blow, we would get our wish.