Lens-Artists Challenge #110 – Creativity in the Time of COVID.

This is another shot I took for my photography class assignment of Night Photography. It was taken from my Safely Distanced 10th floor kitchen balcony, overlooking the Whole Foods. The lights you see in the driveway in the center are the lights from a tow truck. I was primarily interested in those flashing lights, but the overall contrast of bright lights in the bottom parking lot, the dim lights in the upper parking lot, and the high angle of my camera yielded this surprising result.

Floating Buildings

©Hannah A Keene 2020

Lens-Artists Challenge #110 – Creativity in the Time of COVID.

Lens-Artists Challenge #110: Creativity in the Time of Covid

I had an assignment for my Zoom photography class to take one or two photos at night. In this case, I raised my phone to take a shot of the street lamp (and the back of a street sign) whilst I was giving the dog her last walk before bed. We need to be out and in rather quickly, so I raised my phone and took 2 shots. No agonizing, just…… done. And one of them was good! It would not have occurred to me that my iPhone could produce such stunning nuances of night-time color.

Streetlight and “Moon.”

©Hannah A Keene 2020

Creativity in the Time of Covid

The Rare Color of Turquoise

Found on Copper of Course.

Not only did I find the color strikingly unusual, but being the repair person in the family, I love things that work, or make things work. I just stood there with the dog and admired it for awhile.

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