Setting Sun Illuminating a Construction Crane


Posted for Debbie’s Six Word Saturday. Also posted for SueW’s Weekend Challenge: Leap. Now I could say that it would be one mighty large leap to jump from the ground upwards about 25 stories to land at the top of this construction crane. But it is more accurate to say that I am taking a photography course with homework assignments, which is causing me to take risks, break out of my comfort zone and take a leap of faith! Which of course is what artistic study is supposed to do. And it is definitely honing my technical skills!  These were sequential shots with the ISO set at 800 for both. The other settings:

Top photo: f/13,  1/4000
Bottom photo: f/11,  1/400

And yes, I did some post processing (which I wasn’t allowed to do for the homework assignments), but very, very little. I was quite pleased with the way they turned out!