Translucent Light and Shadows

Posted for Jude’s May Challenge of Being Creative with Light. This week’s assignment was to use strong backlighting to create a silhouette and/or to shoot the light through flowers or leaves to create a translucent effect. As you can see, I experimented with both.

All We Have Is Now

As scary and heart wrenching and even terrifying as it is during this time, now is all we have. The past is filled with our memories, and COVID 19 has so throughly transformed our world we truly don’t know what the world will be like when we emerge on the other side of this.


But what we do with our time, our life of now, is up to us. I’m not advocating that we look at the world through rose colored glasses and pretend that everything is fine. We know it isn’t. I’m saying that each of us have strengths, and each of us know what helps us feel more whole. I can’t see my grown daughters at the moment, and I can’t hug my grandchildren. But I can still notice beauty. And that is one of the things that is helping me make my way through this. What we do right now matters. Our children (or our grandchildren) will ask us one day, “Grammy, what was it like? How did you make it through?” I’d like to have some answers for them.


What is helping you navigate this difficult path forward?


Please leave word in the comments. We can draw strength from each other.

❤ Hannah

Fallen Bogenvilla Petals


Posted for the Ragtag Daily Prompt: Delicate.

Also posted for Jude’s 2020 Photo Challenge #12, March’s theme / technique: Being creative with texture. This week’s assignment – Try to mix your texture with other colors and patterns.

The Focus is on the Bench

Even though there are other elements in the photo: the grass, the shrubbery, and off to the right a cement path and a glimpse of the lake. I purposely blurred those elements and kept the two benches in focus. In addition, the benches are front and center in the frame, and a stark black with a small amount of black shadow, all of which keeps the viewer’s eyes focused on the benches. I also angled the shot to avoid emphasis on the graffiti on the front bench and to show off the curvature of the benches’ arms.


Posted for HeyJude’s 2020 Photo Challenge #4 January’s theme / technique: Composition and Framing.