K’lee and Dale’s CosmicPhoto Challenge: Living in the Light

I’m taking this a different direction today. If we were NOT Living In The Light:

We would not be able to see light and shadows play over beautiful fallen leaves.


We would not be able to see the light making patterns and changing the colors of the water.


We would not be able to see shadows.


And we would not be able to see reflections.


And we would be so much the poorer for all that.

CFFC: 5+ Items

These are my additions to Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: 5+ Items.

The 5 future petals of the White Angels’s-trumpet (or Angel’s tears). The 5th future petal is a little tricky to find, as it overlaps the leaf on the right, and they are both green.


5+ fallen petals and leaves.


5+ future blossoms of an Agapanthus flower


5+ blossoms of a bougainvillea


5+ leaves of Algerian Ivy (or English Ivy, Poet’s Ivy, Italian Ivy or Bind Wood…)


And finally my absolute favorite: A beloved sign on the messy floor of a friend’s study. She’s had the sign for decades. 5+++ synonyms for the word ANNOY.

Version 2