Focusing On How A Butterfly Eats

A butterfly eats by extending its tongue like structure, called a proboscis, and using it like a straw to suck up liquid food such as nectar. It drinks water the same way. In the second photo, it would appear that the pollen covered proboscis might be headed toward the butterfly’s mouth to be consumed. I even assumed that to be the case. However, when I did some research, I discovered that what is on the outside of the proboscis is immaterial. The butterfly in the second photo is actually finished sucking up the nectar of that particular flower, and is, in fact, coiling its “tongue” back up into the resting position.


Hannah Keene 2019


Posted for Dutch Goes the Photo!’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Focus.

Quite Why the Wasp Was There at All…..

…..perched on the steel netting over the balcony, I have no idea. Wasps aren’t generally found until you get up in the hills of Berkeley and Oakland. And they areĀ definitely horrible pests if you are camping in the high Sierras and working with food. But I have never seen them down this low. We are basically at sea level. And what he was doing literally hanging out outside my window, I have no idea. I wasn’s cooking. But there he was, the perfect profile. I grabbed my non-macro (sigh) 200mm lens and camera, and took two shots. The first is the perfect profile that I captured first. The second is the cropped down version and also the version in which I really played around with color, light, etc to try to reveal as much of him as I could. I opened the glass door, took the shots, and then closed the door quickly in case the critter had any intention of coming inside. 30 minutes later, he was still there. Two hours later, he was gone. On to better pastures, I hope.


Hannah Keene 2019