Different Views of the Same Sunset

Taken from my living room balcony facing east at 6:45 PM.


The same view at 7:00 PM. Notice the sun hitting the houses on the hills.


Taken from my kitchen balcony at 7:33 PM. Facing north and curving at little toward the northwest.


Facing east again at 7:34 PM.


Posted for Little Pieces of Me1’s March LPM Photo Adventure: Sunrises or Sunsets.

The Ending of Daylight

And the ending of BeckyB’s marvelous month of January Squares. Thank you, Becky, for another wonderful Squares Challenge. It’s the dawn of January 31 where I am (figuratively speaking). It’s actually just after midnight. But even though the sun isn’t up yet, I thought this sunset photo would be fitting for my last “words ending in ~light” post.


Posted for BeckyB’s January Squares Challenge: words ending in ~light.