Well Now, That’s Better!

You have no idea how bad it was before!


This is nothing glamorous, or colorful, or even particularly well photographed. But it’s a chore that I’ve been avoiding for months. After two weeks of #ShelterInPlace, I decided that enough procrastination was enough, and I’d better get to it! Now the balcony is tidy, with dead annuals gone, extra potting soil put back in the bag, and the various now-emptied pots neatly stacked on the out-of-the-way small kitchen balcony. Even the additional fallen branches that I had collected from downed tree branches during the winter have been added to the “branch display” at one end, rather than piled in a heap right in the middle. Everything is now ready for new spring plants, once I can venture out to get them. Or maybe I can look into whether the small plant nursery is delivering. Hooray for ticking a neglected chore off the list!

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From This One Branch…..

……..Can Come Countless Branches of Hope


I would like to focus on hope in these dark times, and what each of us can do to help. While we know that every person who has COVID 19 can spread the disease to between 2-3 people, I would like us to look at the inverse of that, as we say in mathematics. Here in California we are sheltering in place. I know other places in the States are doing the same, as are many other countries. Think about the inverse of the equation. For every one person who is sheltering in place, whether or not you are infected, you are not spreading COVID 19 to 2-3 people, who in turn are not spreading the virus to an additional 2-3 people, who are not spreading…..  If you do not have the virus, by staying home you will continue to not have the virus. And just by following sheltering in place guidelines and only going out for necessary food and medical appointments, even if your state or country has not instituted this as a blanket procedure and you are only able to do this on your own, think of how many lives you can save. Even if you are someone who has to continue to work in an office, a warehouse, or a factory, you can still participate in social distancing during your off hours, thus reducing the risk both to you and your family and friends.

Please help save lives. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay well.

~Hannah ❤️

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Sun’s Last Rays Through Budding Branches

March 11, 2020


2 days later – March 13, 2020



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Spring Has Sprung

Indeed, and all of a sudden, it seems. Though that frequently seems to be the nature of spring.


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