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Macro Monday


Butterfly At Rest                           Image: Zebras Child 2019

I don’t actually have a macro lens yet (I’m saving my pennies) so I have to use my 200mm telephoto, then enlarge and crop. (The image would have been clearer if I had a macro lens.) As a result, I didn’t even know I had captured this beauty. I thought I was just taking a picture of a beautiful flower that I could enlarge to show the detail. As I was looking at this photo in my iPhoto library, I noticed something was sitting on the bottom portion of the flower. I wasn’t even sure what it was at first because I was just browsing thumbnails. I clicked on the photo to see what I could do with it – whether or not I could edit it into a usable photo and voilà! C’est merveilleux! And an unexpected grace.

*This, by the way, is a butterfly, not a moth. You can tell by looking at three things.

  • The antennae are smooth, not hairy or feathery looking.
  • The butterfly is resting with the wings up. Moths generally rest with their wings spread out flat.
  • This picture was taken during the day. Moths come out at night.

Friday Flowers

Taken today on a stroll through Lake Merritt Park with, of course, my dog. (My friends and their dog are still on vacation.)

Hover over each tile to see the name of the flower. Click (or tap) on each tile to see image full size.

All Images: Zebras Child 2019

I’m Obsessed With Light

In all its forms. Shinning on just one thing in a sea of shadow, reflecting off the water, or shinning through leaves making them glow.


Taken in our old neighborhood in Alhambra, California                                 Image: Zebras Child 2015

Macro Monday


Image: Zebras Child   2019

Swan-neck Agave


Image: Zebras Child    Alhambra, California 2015

Look how the innermost leaf curls into a graceful neck like a swan. Could it be named anything else?


Image: Zebras Child    Alhambra, California 2015

I Just Keep Doing It

The Whole Problem, I tell myself, is that I live across the street from Whole Foods. I can see the outside display from my kitchen window. And the things on their patio this time of year are just, well, too tempting to resist. I also can truthfully say that they are good for my mental health. So I keep buying them, because each month they have different ones, and I feel I need to add to my collection. It’s almost getting out of control, because I don’t have infinite space, given that I live in an apartment and all. But in fact, I think I exert remarkable self control, given how many different varieties there are. But, well, I guess that depends on who is making that judgement.

At any rate, here are of two my newest acquisitions. These Dahlias are annuals, so I need to revel in their short lived beauty.


Dahlias   Image: Zebras Child 2019


Dahlias   Image: Zebras Child 2019


Wordless Wednesday


Image: Zebras Child 2019

It’s Still Raining

And the dogs were definitely not happy on our afternoon walk. I couldn’t capture anything not on the ground or anchored down since the wind was gusting quite lustily. So I settled for photographing such things as fallen leaves, mostly on the wet pavement. I hope you enjoy seeing them more than the dogs enjoyed the whole process. Although that wouldn’t be very difficult.

Click on any image to enlarge.

All Images: Zebras Child 2019

Miraculous Advancements

When I studied biology in high school, we were only the second class to use the textbook. That was because the electron microscope had been invented and all of a sudden we could see inside a cell. We were only the second year to study the parts of a cell and how they worked. My mathematician husband, 5 years older and 6 years ahead of me in school, went out of his way to never take a biology class. When I asked him why, he said that biology was nothing more than the memorization of long names for small things. My reaction was along the lines of, “What? Are you CRAZY?????? That’s not even remotely what biology is!”

Then I thought about the 6 years difference in when we attended school. That meant that even in his first 2 years at MIT, there were no textbooks that showed, or taught, what a cell was like and the miracle of how it worked. But adding to my complete fascination, my basic biology course at university was taught by a cellular biologist. It was supposed to be a general biology course, but to my delight, he emphasized the workings of the cell in his lectures.

Fast forward all these decades, and we now have high resolution digital photography, which can capture details with such precision that when we enlarge pictures, it is as if we were looking through a magnifying glass, or perhaps even a microscope. For me, photography has the ability to show me the miraculousness of the world, much as the electron microscope did all those years ago.

fullsizeoutput_929Version 2Version 3

Version 4

All Images: Zebras Child 2019

The Greater Honeywort

Any guesses?

No, it’s not a wort type skin disease that oozes a honey like substance.

And it’s not a monster under the bed that ends up being cute and who likes honey. (Although if I could draw, it can think of a very very cute monster who ends up liking honey and becomes friends with a small child.)

It is something beautiful with a very odd sounding name. And which also, quite frankly, also looks a little odd at first glance. Sort of like a weird kind of cabbage. But it’s well worth taking a second look.


The Greater Honeywort                        Image: Zebras Child  2019