Cream in my coffee    ©Zebra's Child

Hi, I’m Hannah. I have Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID), which affects only 1 in 50,000 people, and is life threatening. Just for good measure, lest I get too focused on one thing, I also have a handful of autoimmune diseases thrown into the mix. I live in Oakland, California, am a retired teacher, and am also a musician, a photographer, and a published writer (though it’s been a rather a long time since I spent most of my time writing). Some days I type from the sofa with a heating pad on my back. Most days I type sitting up at my desk. All days I try to stay as healthy as I can, which is often a full time job in and of itself. Lately I have worked to steadily walk my dog greater and greater distances, and have discovered that it truly helps. We can now sometimes walk 2 miles!

First thing’s first, and the first thing is my first post. You’ll want to read that now. It explains why I’m a zebra.

Second things second. I started writing this blog to help those of us with rare immune deficiencies connect with each other. But I’m hoping that this blog has a broader appeal than that, because all of us with chronic health conditions have many things in common. For that matter, those of us with a life condition have many things in common. And while some posts reflect the struggle of living with a serious condition, others are reflective, and still others are light hearted. If you are not in the mood for a serious post, skip it and move on to a lighter one. I want this to be a comfortable place to hang out, and to share your thoughts. And if you are enjoying it, please pass it on to your friends and relations. It’s the way we can start building a community!

So make yourself a cup of tea, or coffee, or hot chocolate, pull up a chair, get comfortable, and dig in. Most of all, enjoy the read.