A Perspective on Summer

Closeup of Woman Running
Woman Running

This is part of my Perspectives From the Street Series.

July Squares – The Art of Perspective and Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #104: Summer

4 thoughts on “A Perspective on Summer”

  1. More great street photography 🙂

    Out of interest what are the laws on street photography where you are. I have to be really careful in Portugal and even in the UK there are limits are what you can share

    1. Thank you, Becky!

      It is legal, but if you are close, it is polite to ask if you can photograph someone. I was using a telephoto lens, so the issue didn’t come up. However I make it a practice to not photograph children straight on unless I have permission. And the rules are different if you are going to make money from the shot. If I intended to print and sell these shots, then I would need permission.

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