The Different Perspectives of a Surprised Exuberant Squirrel

While I believe Becky has in mind using different apertures, focusing, and distance to show how one can achieve different perspectives in photography, I thought I would approach it from a lighter perspective for my first square of this month’s challenge. This friendly, exuberant, (and surprised) urban squirrel was observing me from four different perspectives!*

#1 Uh oh! Caught in the act!


#2 I’m really not so sure about this…..


#3 Maybe it’s safe…….. I’ll try it out.


#4 Oh, you seem to be friendly, and your dog does too, so…. TA-DA. Here I am in all my exuberance, complete with tail!


*I don’t normally do this, and I think it’s technically against the rules, but I got carried away and combined….. four challenges. My own exuberance got the better of me.

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16 thoughts on “The Different Perspectives of a Surprised Exuberant Squirrel”

  1. oh these are fabulous, and just what I was hoping for from Squares this month – brilliant photographs and great stories. This is also my second squirrel of the morning, love how squirrels are making sure we see the world from their perspective

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! It’s rare that I can successfully capture successive shots of a moving object while walking the dog. So I am especially pleased. πŸ˜€

  2. Squirrels are so very cute. I always imagined them to be so much bigger, so I was surprised how small and agile they were when I saw them in Finland. Great choice for the challenge.

      1. No squirrels in Australia – we do have sugar gliders or a few marsupial possums, that are aboreal and about the nearest we might come to a squirrel.

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