10 thoughts on “One Single Flower”

    1. Thank you Cee. How are you doing medically? Continued progress, I hope. Though I’ve learned that even progress isn’t linear and comes with its own ups and downs.

      1. Hi Hannah, I am doing extremely well physically. I continue to keep doing more and more. And yes, progress comes slowly and has its ups and downs. Hope you are well too! 😀

      2. I’m so happy to hear that you are continuing to improve. 🤗 The correct diagnosis makes ALL the difference. I’m struggling a little – my body isn’t making any cortisol, so I have to balance just the right amount of hydrocortisol medication – enough to prevent me from getting increasingly ill, but not so much that it continues to shut done my body’s cortisol production. Not enough cortisol means continual extreme exhaustion. But we’re working on it!

      3. I’m so sorry to hear you are struggling right now. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. That can’t be easy on you.
        I’m sure the isolation because of the virus is having an impact to you as well. I know I’ve only had one conversation with a person face to face, aside from Chris, since this virus isolation has started. I get plenty of conservations through blogging, but it is not the same.

      4. You’re right, it’s definitely not the same. Yes, the isolation and lack of touch is hard. I pass other people in the building, but we’re not allowed to gather, let alone hug.
        Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, Cee. They are very much appreciated!!!

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