Doors From France

Doors from Mont-Saint-Michel.


Doors from the medieval city of Honfleur.

The door to the washer women’s house.


The second floor door to a modern day restaurant. In medieval times the structure could have been any type of food establishment or shop. Anything needing to be stored would have been hauled up by rope and wenches to this upper floor, or loft.


Posted for SueW’s Wednesday Challenge – The Door.

5 thoughts on “Doors From France”

    1. Thank you Sheree. Yes, I was undecided for awhile about which challenge to link it too. In the end I decided for SueW’s, since her’s was a single challenge, whereas Norm’s was routinely available. But thank you for the information – I might not have been familiar with Norm’s challenge, and you would have introduced me to it! 🙂

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