Growing Despite Hardship

I was, of course, taking my daily one mile walk with my dog when I came upon these wildflowers. They had managed to grow under the fence, up against the sidewalk, and still thrive. I found them to be an inspiration. How can I continue to grow in spite of, or perhaps because of, this difficult quarantine during the Coronavirus? Sheltering inside, except for this one hour a day, (and even for that respite, wearing a mask and keeping 6 feet way from other people), how can I use this time? What new skills can I learn, uninterrupted like this? What books could I read? What items in my apartment might I realize, with renewed clarity, that I no longer need and I could donate? What clutter could I clear out and then organize what remains, creating a more peaceful haven? What opportunities does this quarantine present that I am normally too busy, or too distracted, to notice?


5 thoughts on “Growing Despite Hardship”

  1. Inspirational indeed, Hannah! I find that being outside and watching nature get on with things as usual, and even thriving because of our absence, is a real comfort right now. I’ve always enjoyed birds’ songs but these days they seem even more sweet to me. And? Did you decide what to do? 😉

    1. I am tidying and cleaning the various surfaces (coffee table, desk, counters, etc.) I figure that since they show results immediately, it’s reinforcement to keep going. 😉 Since my energy is compromised by my immune deficiency, I can only seem to get one thing accomplished a day, but I figure the shelter in place is going to last a long time, especially for those of us in a retirement community. So hopefully I’ll have time to even get to the dreaded closets and drawers. I’m also trying to learn LightRoom, esp the organizational part. I can sit down for that, but learning a new organizational system still takes energy!
      Yes, the birdsong seems extra sweet this year. And since Germany did almost everything right about restricting travel country wide, etc., you should be easing out of restrictions earlier than most of us! 😀

      1. I hear you about the cleaning – and these days I’m quite happy if I manage one thing a day too! 😉 Today however I spent my energy for drawing instead of cleaning – seems much more sensible to me since I can’t invite visitors anyway.
        Learning more about LightRoom is wonderful! And I agree, it still takes a lot of energy! But it will be so worth it, you’ll see!
        We have started easing out of restriction here now, which means that little shops have opened again but if the tests should show that the curve is increasing again, they’ll lock down again. Our chancellor keeps advising us to be cautious but there are still lots of people who don’t seem to care. From Monday on it we have to wear masks when in public services or shops. Since I’ve been wearing them for a couple of weeks now, this is old news to me. 😉 Take care!

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