The Focus Is For the Birds But…..

The bird is beautiful!

I had not seen this bird before, nor have I seen him since. He appeared one day last March when I was out with a camera, and sadly I didn’t have a repeat opportunity to take a focused shot. Does anyone know what the species is? And where he might more normally be found in North America?



And here’s another little guy I’ve only seem once – on the same day I saw the above beauty. Can anyone identify this one for me?


Posted for Terri’s Sunday Still’s For the #Birds.

6 thoughts on “The Focus Is For the Birds But…..”

  1. The first is an Eared Grebe in summer/breeding plumage.

    The second I would say is a Lesser Scaup by the head shape and colour. The other possibility is a Greater Scaup.

    1. Thank you, David! I knew you would know the first one, as you have posted photographs of an Eared Grebe, but I couldn’t remember the name and I wasn’t dedicated enough to scroll through all your posts until I located that one. 😆 Now I can look up their normal habitat. I suspect this one was just passing through on its migratory path, as I have not seen it before or since. That’s disappointing, as it’s a beautiful bird! And since it had so many outrageously beautiful head feathers, I suspected it was breeding plumage.

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