The Dark and the Light

Not only does this gull have both dark and light in his own coloring, but there is the contrast of the lightness of his feathers against the dark water.fullsizeoutput_1ba3White flowers against a dark background.fullsizeoutput_1cbcA black pigeon against a light wooden dock and bright water.fullsizeoutput_1cc6Posted for Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: The Dark and the Light.

4 thoughts on “The Dark and the Light”

    1. Thank you, Su. Gulls tend to stand still when I’m around, and they often do so in close range of me and my camera, making the process a lot easier! I think it’s because gulls will eat almost anything – they are scavengers – so they have learned that people often give them food. No particular gull-whispering on my part, I’m afraid, other than I tend to stand quietly.

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