An Inviting Place

To Rest


I’ve been going through my older photos dating back to December 2012, which is when I got my first smart phone. (It was an iPhone 4s.)  I didn’t have a camera at the time, and the smart phone was so I could take pictures of my brand new grandson when we were visiting, and so my daughter could also send me pictures of him since we were living 500 miles away at the time. I also used it to take photos during my walks around the neighborhood with our newly rescued dog.

With encouragement from several of you, I have decided not to let a photo’s imperfection stand in the way of posting it. I was new to using a smart phone’s camera when I took this photo, so you can see my finger in the upper left hand corner. Nevertheless I have always loved it for it’s tranquility and serenity. Doesn’t it just invite you in and make you feel more relaxed simply by looking at it for awhile? It certainly has that effect for me.

So rest, relax, and enjoy.

Posted for Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Rest.

4 thoughts on “An Inviting Place”

  1. Definitely a very restful scene. I’d rest there! Isn’t it something how a grandchild can be such a wonderful motivator…
    I also have plenty of finger photos. 🙂

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