10 thoughts on “A Resting Hummingbird With Red Highlights”

    1. Thank you, Becky. Every set of shots I take of the hummingbirds on my balcony get clearer, though I have yet to be able to get both the body and the head in focus. That’s one of my goals. 😉

      1. oh wow to have them arriving on your balcony. What a treat. Good luck with achieving your goal . . do you follow David M’s photography? He seems to have found the trick too with Hummingbird photography

      2. Well, I have enticed them. I have a hummingbird feeder and plants. I also love the texture variations of wood and collect downed branches during walks with the dogs. I arrange those branches among the potted plants. Once the weather turned cold and rainy I discovered that not only did the hummingbirds come around multiple times a day (they are more reliant on the feeder during the winter), they were also perching on the branches and just staying around in order to stay out of the rain. 😀 A totally unexpected delight!

        Yes, I do follow David M’s blog and have learned a lot from him. I certainly will quiz him on his camera settings when he captured that delightful hummingbird – that is a wonderful idea. However, he does have 30+ years more experience than I do. He is a retired professional photographer and has photographed for National Geographic, among many other high profile magazines. I suspect that I don’t have enough remaining years to equal his skill level.😉

      3. I am so envious of you, and also in awe of what you have created. You are a hummingbird whisperer!

        We may not be able to create the same collection that David has, but I am sure you could get some equally amazing shots of Hummingbirds xx

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