I am a night owl, and can barely function before 10:00 in the morning. So the contortions of the middle pelican show how both my body and mind feel when I get out of bed in the morning. The perky brown pelican on the left pretty much shows my experience with morning people. “What’s the matter with you???? It’s morning, for goodness sake! You’re wasting it! What?? You haven’t had your coffee yet or something? Come on, we have fish to catch!!”


Posted for CitySonnet’s photo a day challenge January 7: morning.*

*I am about 20 minutes late posting this for January 7th.


6 thoughts on “Morning”

    1. After all those decades of raising 2 kids and working, you’d think my body would have adjusted to getting up and going to bed early. Nope. Whenever I was on vacation (after the kids were no longer small), my body went right back to being a night owl. 🥴

  1. Totally love this shot! Pelicans are great at having their picture taken. 😊 I’m not a night owl really but not an early bird as well! 😂 Always wonder what kind of bird would perfectly represent me. 😄 These days however I’ve trouble falling asleep before 3am but as soon as the days get longer again this will pass. Maybe I’m more like a marmot or bear than a bird. 😉

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