4 thoughts on “Spooky Crows in a Tree”

  1. LOL!!! >>> never spooky, but always characterful and, well, wonderful. You may guess that I’m a bird lover – and former birder too, 1967-2002. Wonderful picture. Adrian 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Adrian! Crows are actually quite social creatures, as I’m sure you know as a former birder. I didn’t know that, until I started observing them and then looked up information. They forage together and defend territory together. They really are quite amazing!

  2. Ever since seeing Hitchcock’s, The Birds, crows have been plenty spooky to me! When I photograph them, I always get interesting shots. Well done.🥴

    1. Thanks, K’lee. Here in my part of Oakland by Lake Merritt, we have a resident flock. We must be on the great, great, great, great…….. grandbrds by now. And yes, Hitchcock’s The Birds left me with nightmares for weeks! 🙀

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