The Chestnut and Copper Bush

I am endlessly fascinated with this bush as it changes beautifully from one season to another. This day as I passed, I found fallen autumn leaves caught in its branches.

Image Β© Hannah Keene

And a closeup:

Image: Β© Hannah Keene

Posted for Tourmaline’s Color Your World: Chestnut and Copper.

11 thoughts on “The Chestnut and Copper Bush”

    1. Another one that I was hesitant to put up! I love it, but wasn’t sure whether or not others would find the background too distracting to be a ‘good’ shot. I think I should just start figuring that if I am hesitant about posting a shot, you will be guaranteed to like it. πŸ˜† And then go ahead a post. πŸ™‚

      1. Hehe.
        I understand what you are saying, and if I was to put my critic’s hat on, I might suggest a little bit of cropping and maybe a bit of blur on the outside the leaves. But seriously, I found the image joyous. I responded to the colours and textures rather than thinking too much about the composition.
        I love that you are taking lots of photos and sharing them and sharing your learning.

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