9 thoughts on “Autumn’s Come, Gather In The Harvest”

      1. Oh, I’m sorry – you’re heading into winter without much respite. And photographer or not, there is only so much time you can spend outdoors, even with appropriate cold weather clothing, during your severe winters.

      2. I was in rehab after falling off a ladder from early spring until early summer. We were still getting snow when I was in the rehab unit and the leaves were just opening on a lot of the trees in early summer when I was discharged from rehab. The trees didn’t seem to have been in leaf for long before they started turning colour.

      3. That’s even shorter than usual. And different from what I understand about Maine, although admittedly I was talking to someone from Maine 2 years ago. But his report was that you could live in Maine “year ’round” now. Which was funny, because he grew up in Maine and had always lived there year round until he came to California. At any rate, his mother had told him that Maine winters had gotten quite mild by comparison.
        But I have been following the weather maps over the last year, and the upper midwest and northeast here in the States have had some truly brutal weather off and on. My younger daughter has lived in Michigan for 13 years now, so she’s used to it and it doesn’t bother her, but I don’t do well when it’s much below zero. Brrrrrrr. I’m sorry your summer was so short!!

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