Spooky Root Skull

I had taken this shot from both the horizontal and vertical position. The horizontal shot looks like lovely fall leaves laying on some exposed tree roots. Although it might appear just a little creepy given the dark and twisted nature of the roots.


I took the vertical shot just to get a different perspective, and was pleased with the result, but didn’t see anything unusual about it until I looked at it on the computer. That gave me a completely different perspective.

This is an isolated shot of the upper part of the root.

Version 2

Nothing special, right? Just damp and dark bulges of an old tree.

But here is the full vertical shot.

Images: Hannah Keene 2019

Do you see the nose and the huge eyes in that same section of root? To me it looks like a skull. With perhaps some leaves caught in a fossilized beard.

Do you notice the skull face more prominently in the second shot or the third?

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Posted for Terri’s Sunday Stills: Something Scary.

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