Portrait Study of a White Gull



Version 2

Version 2



Version 2
Images: Hannah Keene 2019

Do seagulls count as a subject for Candid shots? If so, this my post for Tina Schell’s Lens-Artist Challenge #67: CANDID.

If seagulls aren’t quite what people have in mind, then I’ll post this as a late entry for Patti’s challenge last week of Lens-Artist Challenge #66: Filling the Frame. 😉

Also posted for Granny Shot It Bird of the Day Challenge though I have to confess that I’m not sure how Granny’s challenge works. Can you post any bird on any day, or do you have to post the bird of the day that she has – in this case, for October 15, its ducks. And these are not ducks.

So there you are: I’m not sure if I can technically post these photos to any of the above challenges, but I’ve given it a go. Because really, this white seagull that was kind enough to only move his head while I was shooting is quite an amazing fellow. I especially love the detail of his eye, if you zoom in.

10 thoughts on “Portrait Study of a White Gull”

    1. Thank you Patti! The ubiquitous seagulls around Oakland’s salt water “lake” really don’t pay much mind to people or dogs unless they get toooo close. Or bark. 🙂 This was a weekday in late morning, so not may people were about. I was experimenting with my new Olympus mirrorless camera and it’s new 75-300mm telephoto lens. I was also experimenting with aperture because on this camera you can control the aperture from a knob right on the top of the camera. I found that if I closed down the aperture, I could make the background of the lake almost black, giving me the perfect “backdrop” for the white gull. I backed up enough that the gull’s head was in focus and took a shot. The gull didn’t flinch, just continued to move his head about. So I kept clicking until he flew off. I was shocked at how well the photos came out and was kind of on a thrill high for about 36 hours. Every once in awhile, I would go back to my computer and look at the photos again, just because I was so thrilled. 😀

      1. I’m glad you are having fun the Olympus. That’s a lens with a great range! It would be perfect for traveling. The photos are great.

    1. Thank you Su. I was grateful the gull just stood there and let me take several shots. When I got home and viewed them on my computer I was STUNNED at how well they came out.

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