19 thoughts on “Macro Monday”

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah. I’m glad to hear from you! You made several comments a while back that I didn’t have the energy to respond to, but I did read them. Thank you for commenting. 🙂

      1. You’re very welcome, Hannah! And no worries, I do understand. 😊 I’ve been thinking of you quite a lot these weeks, wondering how you are. Sending you energy and hugs over the pond! ☺

      2. I think we really must be twins separated at birth! I’ve been thinking a lot about you for about 2 months – wondering how you are because you’re still not posting. I’m doing much better emotionally – it’s been a year and a month since my husband died. Which also means I have more energy. I’ve never had a lot of energy due to the Primary Immune Deficiency, but my energy level is definitely higher than it was six months ago. How are you doing? Since you still are not posting I assume that you are still trying to recoup from the challenge you hosted. Sending you hugs and strength across the pond as well. 😊

      3. Oh! But I did some blog posts since that challenge! I admit that l post only twice a month though, the Changing Seasons post hosted by Su from over at Zimmerbitch and one to go in between. 😊 Ever since my little social media break I find it hard to come back to blogging full force and am still catching up. 😄
        And I think you’re right about us being twins separated at birth. 😉
        I’m really glad to hear that your energy levels are rising. I’m dreading the approach of winter a little, knowing that it will keep me more inside and probably stuffing myself with cakes and cookies. 😂

      4. Oh – I’ll search for your posts. The flagging energy means that I don’t alway scan through the day’s posts carefully. Yes – I wouldn’t be looking forward to winter in Germany either. If you wanted a break from winter you come out here. I’m in the Bay Area, which means we don’t necessarily have sun in the winter, but we don’t have snow here at sea level. I’m in a one bedroom apartment, but there is a guest room in the building if I have enough lead time. If that is full, there are plenty of hotels. Serious offer. 😀

      5. That would be so lovely!! And I would be perfectly happy with a sleeping bag. 😉 No worries about my posts, they’ll stay where they are. 😄

      6. I actually dream of traveling the world to visit my blog buddies one day, and you’re definitely on the list of people I want to meet! 😊

      7. Thanks, Sarah. Full Disclosure (or reminder): I live in a large retirement community. (250 people). 3 of us are still in our 60s, and a few are in their 70’s, but most of the residents are in their 80’s and 90’s.

      8. That’s nothing to worry about – I’ll enjoy feeling like the youngest duck in the pond! 😄 Working with kids makes you sometimes feel much older than you actually are. 😂

      9. As a retired 4th and 5th grade teacher, I can actually say, “Indeed.” On the other hand, I think the kids in my classroom and my grandkids also had (have) a way of keeping me young. Most days. 😆

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