I’m a Cormorant Drying My Wings

Hannah Keene 2019

The outer portion of a cormorant’s feathers is not waterproof and in fact retains water. They have to spread and flap their wings in order to dry them after swimming under water looking for food. Who knew? I thought every water bird had water proof wings!

Posted for Debbie Smyth’s Six Word Saturday.


4 thoughts on “I’m a Cormorant Drying My Wings”

  1. I seem to recall reading that Cormorants are one of the oldest families of birds. So you would have thought that they have had plenty of time to evolve waterproof feathers.

    1. Ha! Yes, you would think. I guess their genetic code figured, “If it’s worked this well for millions of years, why change it?” Wikipedia says that similar ancestors reach as far back as the dinosaurs, which I didn’t know – thanks for the information!

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