6 thoughts on “Bouquet in a Mirror”

    1. Thank you Su. As is often the case, the photo I went back and forth on (it’s not “good enough,” “yes it is,” “no it’s not……..”) is the one that you really like. I should post my “quandary shots” more often! As always, thanks for your support. 😀

      1. 😀 I love the term “quandary shots.” And I love the idea of posting them as such. I suspect you would get some really constructive feedback — our WP “space” seems to be a very positive, generous corner of the social media universe.

      2. Indeed it is – and what a good idea! I’ve got a post coming up Wednesday in which I can’t decide between two almost identical shots for the final image. Maybe I should leave them both up and say “I’m in a quandary” as to which is better, and ask for feedback. 😀

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