7 thoughts on “July Squares: The Blue Night of Sunset”

  1. Oh wow! The colors are amazing! I love how the blue changes so subtly to a lighter shade until it’s almost white, and then this beautiful sunset orange sets in – just beautiful!

    1. I know – the colors were incredible! I looked out the glass door leading to the very small balcony, and then got back inside to grab my camera (in this case my phone) to catch the light and colors before they disappeared. It all can change so fast in a sunset! And when the 18 story building is finished across the street, I will no longer have these views of the sunset.:(

      1. Ah, that’s too bad about that building going to obstruct your view. 😦 I hate it when that happens. In my local park we had such a lovely view along a valley and now they’re putting a high-rise at one end – feels suddenly so claustrophobic. 😦

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