So Here We Are…….

All fresh and new, and if I’m honest, just a little scared.


After 8 years on the Manifest Theme, it is time for a change. When I started Zebra’s Child, I usually posted prose with an occasional picture. But since coming  back to the blog at the end of March, I have reawakened my passion for photography and realized that I needed a layout that would showcase that. I’ve spent about a month checking out different Themes and found several that I liked, but none of them felt like the perfect fit. But I finally realized that looking for the perfect fit was another procrastination. As long as I only looked, I didn’t need to take a risk. The risk, of course, and the reason that I’m just a little scared, is that in this new format the flaws will show. But as I’m beginning to find my voice as a photographer, I’m realizing that I need to start taking risks, or I’ll never grow.

So here it is. There is a lot of tweaking I need to do to the formatting, which I’ll need to do a bit at a time. And this might not even be the final layout, but if I wait until I’ve chosen the perfect layout, and then wait until I’ve got it set perfectly before I put it up, I’ll procrastinate forever.

Please weigh in and let me know your thoughts. And if things aren’t working on the site, please let me know that too so I can work on fixing it.

Here it goes…………………..

Hannah ❤

12 thoughts on “So Here We Are…….”

  1. So good that you took the plunge, and future tweaking or not, you have got a crisp uncluttered look now with a good platform for photos. You put your finger right on it though – doing not thinking about it. There’s a lesson for me there. ‘The thousand mile journey begins with the first step’ and all that.

    1. Thanks, Tish. And yes – steps and all that. One of the reasons I procrastinate is that I’m a perfectionist, and I want to wait until I will get it right. But I lose out on a lot that way. I’m trying to alter that pattern because I’m beginning to discover that taking risks (at least with my photography) seems to open up different ways of seeing things, and that, it turns out, is tremendously exciting.

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