3 thoughts on “Still Sunday”

    1. Thank you Su. that’s exactly what I thought when I saw it. The morning sun was hitting the cup perfectly, and I noticed that the cup had been placed just slightly off center in the saucer. The new owner of the shop has one of the most incredible senses of design I’ve ever seen. She buys up old items that I would *never* have thought of for use for display purposes, and then creates displays of her plants and flower arrangements that are stunningly and surprisingly perfect. The shop is just a few doors down from our veterinarian, and so I stop in to Brothers and Sisters whenever I’m at the vets. Or even if I’m just on Grand Ave for other reasons. I’ve even stopped by in light rain and it’s just as peaceful. I go in to do some photography but also just to hang out. There is a wall and two doors squeezed between the other shops, but once you pass through, it’s all open air. I always feel like I’ve entered a different world.

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