Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

This photo is from my archives. I saw this wonderful frog statue in our local grocery store, of all places. It was, of course, in the plant section, and it was so cute that I really wanted to take it home. However, I’ve never been one to put statues in the garden And truth to tell, there wasn’t much of a garden at our house. It was a beautiful 100+ year old craftsman, as I’ve mentioned before in posts back a few years. That meant, of course that it had trees that were 80-100 years old growing in the yard. Which also meant there were very deep roots, and it was impossible to plant anything but grass. And right under the trees there was just dirt, as sun hadn’t shone solidly through in a good many decades. Because of the huge, needed-to-be-kept-expensively-trimmed, but-nonetheless-wonderfully-shady trees, we couldn’t keep a proper garden. So there was really no point at all in purchasing this beguiling frog statue. But it looked as though she would be so satisfied to be sitting cheerily in someone’s garden.

Hannah Keene 2015

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