13 thoughts on “July Squares: Blue Mini Cooper”

    1. Yes. πŸ™‚ It actually was a little less turquoise and a little more solidly blue, but I had to alter the color a little in order for the small reflections to show up in the photo. It looked brand new, so everything about it was pretty great: sparkly, no dings or scrapes, clean inside and out……. I wonder how long that will last in a city. Hopefully the owner has access to a garage, rather than just street parking. πŸ˜‰ Oh – and typical of many Mini Coopers, it has a white roof, so the blue of the body stood out even more.

      1. Ah, yes. We had to park our previous car in the driveway under a sappy tree and strong sun for years. Definitely did not do that car any favors!

      2. Oh yes! My poor car which was nearly new (11 years ago) has suffered from scrapes of bushes and hedgerows! I’d be terrified to drive around here in a brand new one.

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