I have what I think of as a rather large vocabulary, but I have to admit that I only vaguely remember running into this word before, and I also have to admit that I had absolutely no idea what it meant. So thanks to Sgeoil, I have learned a new word. Pulchritudinous means “breathtaking beauty.”

As many of you know, I often find that I discover the most beauty in the every day. Not that I don’t catch my breath in absolute awe over the grand sites such as Yosemite, but I am constantly amazed at how beautiful I find something as prosaic as a fallen leaf.

So here is a photo of simple plants that grew opportunistically in a cut down tree stump. I find the contrast and intensity in the colors and textures to be pulchritudinous. I took the photo with my phone, and I have done no editing on the photo. This is as pulchritudinous as it was in real life.

Hannah Keene 2019

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