Street Photography Challenge #2

This is a post for K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Street Photography.  Since I live in a city, my challenge is to limit my entries. So I decided to divide the entries up into smaller segments and then post more than once. Here are today’s.



2 thoughts on “Street Photography Challenge #2”

  1. Nice graffiti stencil and I like the framing of the leaves by those two bins. I approve of this idea, we might encourage the multi-post system on a regular basis.

    1. I’m new to this. I didn’t realize that most people only posted one photo for your challenges. So many of the other challenges encourage several. Ot at least people post several. Although I might have posted several for your challenge anyway, unless it was explicitly written that only 1 was allowed. Since I live in a city, it’s hard NOT to take photos whilst I’m out and about. The subject of Street Photography gave me the nudge to post photos I might not otherwise have posted. I like taking photos of the nitty gritty and well as photos of things that are more traditionally beautiful. I like my photos to reflect life. So I am grateful that you posted the subject that you did for this week’s challenge. Thanks.

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